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The Food Book video presenter Glenn Flood is a professional chef. He’s probably best known from Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Foundation in Melbourne, where he taught professional cooking skills to disadvantaged young people. This year Glenn is overseeing the national recruitment for Junior Masterchef Australia on Channel Ten. And as though he’s not busy enough, he also runs Raw Materials – The Studio a culinary studio and workshop in Melbourne.

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Photographer and foodie, Brent Parker Jones, gives an entertaining insight into the cover shoot for The Food Book.

Photo of radishes on a chopping board

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Sushi rolls

Sushi rolls

In an ongoing series of tantalising tasters from The Food Book, our first offering is a recipe for a healthy favourite: sushi rolls.

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In Leanne’s first post on The Food Book Blog, she answers questions about her food philosophy, recounts memories from her high school Home Economics classroom, and discusses the relevance of food education for Gen Ys. She also gives us a unique insight into her role as The Food Book author.

Author Leanne Compton

Leanne Compton

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This week we shot the veggie section of The Food Book. There were many beautiful shots to choose from but these jump out as our two favourites:

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