Two adults, one recipe, and multiple takes: food photography isn’t for the faint-hearted! Come behind the scenes of The Food Book with photographer Brent Parker Jones and food stylist Lee Blaylock.

Developing the definitive cookery reference for Australian secondary school students is no small task. For starters, it takes an army of food professionals (authors, chefs, stylists, food photographers, recipe writers, recipe testers – and recipe re-resters!), an office of publishing professionals and perhaps most critically, the behind-the-scenes team of growers, farmers, suppliers, butchers and fishmongers.

Here in this exclusive ‘Making of The Food Book’ post we show you some behind-the-scenes footage of our photographer and stylist hard at work creating a recipe photo for The Food Book. In this three minute video, you will get an insight into the work that goes into taking just one photo. Multiply this process by the 300+ recipes in The Food Book and you will start to get an idea of the making of The Food Book!