…Well, we like to think so!

Glenn on The Food Book video set

One of our favourite friends is Glenn Flood – Australian chef extraordinaire and The Food Book’s recipe consultant and video host. Glenn’s bio is much too long to list in its entirety here, but we can give you the inside scoop that fresh from his stint on Junior MasterChef Australia (which is airing at the moment), Glenn is now travelling around Australia coordinating the auditions for the next series of MasterChef Australia (the grown-up series!). Glenn’s role as Food Producer of MasterChef Australia keeps him extremely busy but we were thrilled that he had the time to work on The Food Book as recipe consultant and video host as well. Amongst all of this activity, Glenn has somehow found the time to launch his fabulous new website. You can view it here: www.glennflood.com

And as a special treat, here is a free sample from The Food Book video gallery, starring Glenn Flood and a rather tasty poached egg.