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 With hundreds of books from around Australia entered into the 2011 Book Design Awards (organised by the Australian Publishers Association), it is an incredible achievement to be nominated, let alone win a category award. The highly contested award for Best Designed Secondary Education Book went to The Food Book.

These awards consider the book as a package, not just the aesthetic engagement of the cover and internal design, but also the imagery and typography, paper stock, weight, size and overall execution. All these factors determine the experience of the book in the hands of the reader and define exemplary book design. The level of detail that was entered into, from the photography through to the radish on the cover, paid off.

Congratulations to all the people on the dedicated project team behind the creation of this wonderful book, including our publishing, editorial, permissions and production team and of course the OUP design team. Special thanks go to Regine Abos for her amazing design, Catherine Charles-Brown for her unwavering vision, Brent-Parker Jones for his outstanding food photography,  author Leanne Compton  and co-authors  Sandra Fordyce-Voorham and Anne Prescott for developing such great content.  Well done everyone!


Naan is a delicious puffy oval shaped bread often served with Indian dishes.  As naan is a leavened bread it is lighter in texture then chapattis.  Traditionally naan is made with ghee, a saturated fat.  This recipe uses vegetable oil, a somewhat healthier unsaturated fat.  You could substitute the vegetable oil for ghee if you wanted to be authentic. The naan is cooked under a very hot grill. It would also be possible to Read the rest of this entry »

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