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In the last twelve months, many of you have become aware of inspiring home economics educator Sandra Fordyce-Voorham through her role as co-author of The Food Book and her contributions online here at The Food Book blog. Now you can also follow Sandra at her new food skills blog:  which includes lesson ideas, recipes and many other resources.

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If you missed the glorious offerings of the 2011 Good Food & Wine Show in Melbourne recently, never fear! This food-show extraordinaire is making its way up to Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane in the next few months.

In the meantime, try your hand at this warm, spicy laksa from The Food Book (p. 247) — inspired by Poh Ling Yeow’s Malaysian segment at the Melbourne 2011 GFW show. There are many types of this popular Malaysian dish, but the most common is the coconut-rich curry laksa. Some say ‘laksa’ comes from the Sanskrit lakh (meaning 10,000), referring to the many ingredients used to make it. You can use various noodles – from very thin vermicelli to thick udon.

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