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It’s back to school for many children – one of the challenges is to provide healthy, tasty, easy-to-prepare lunches that are suitable for the warmer weather.

Sandwiches are often a typical choice for school lunches, but this doesn’t mean it has to be a boring choice. There are lots of different types of breads to select from – consider using baguettes, lavash and tortillas (there are a range of different bread options on p. 71 of The Food Book). Fillings for sandwiches are up to your imagination.
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January 26 is Australia Day – a public holiday that commemorates the establishment of the first settlement at Port Jackson in 1788. The settlement was later named Sydney after British Home Secretary, Lord Sydney, who was responsible for the colony. There are no hard and fast rules about how to celebrate Australia Day, but generally it is seen as an opportunity for Australians to come together to celebrate their country and culture, and we typically include  food in our celebrations.

Lamb is synonymous with Australia Day –the anticipated spruiking by Sam Kekovich about how we should consume lamb on Australia Day took an unexpected twist this year when he reminded us through song the song I’m A Barbie Girl. Check out the range of lamb recipes mentioned in the September post for meal ideas.

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Bananas are definitely back on the shopping list as their prices have finally come down. The high prices were due to the devastation that Cyclone Yasi caused to banana crops in Queensland last year. It has been quite a while since bananas prices were this low, so it’s the perfect time to include them on your menu, not only because bananas are inexpensive at the moment but because they are a versatile ingredient in a range of sweet and savoury dishes, adding richness and texture.

Add some sliced banana to a fresh fruit salad – they offer a distinctive texture when compared to other fruits. Try the Simple Fruit Salad on p. 126 The Food Book or make up your own recipe with your favourite fruits – you can’t go wrong.

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