The Food Book: The blog

The Food Book blog is a gift from Oxford University Press to the Australian food education community. With free recipes, videos, interviews and articles, the blog is a thriving community for food teachers and students. Use the free resources on this blog with your students, make connections with other food teachers and participate in the future of food education.

The Food Book: The book, website and app

The Food Book is a complete food and cookery package for Australian secondary school students. Changing the way Australian students engage with food, The Food Book integrates recipes, skills, nutrition, health and food issues as never before.

The Food Book was born from a passionate team of food educators who believe that food education is more than just cookery. It came from the desire to do something better and a desire to push the boundaries of traditional food education.

The Food Book has been engineered with a commitment to student cookery success. Students will understand food better and achieve more success cooking using The Food Book. The package includes:

  • 300+ tried and proven recipes, designed for secondary school students
  • Photographs of every recipe
  • Enhanced visual literacy throughout, including visual glossaries and step-by-step instructional photography
  • Stunning ‘food theme’ spreads covering a range of food and nutrition topics
  • ‘Paddock to plate’ focus including interviews with Australian growers, farmers, producers and suppliers
  • Focus on skills development
  • The most comprehensive, interactive online food destination for Australian students: The Food Book website
  • Video of ‘master class’ recipes and key skills
  • Beautiful and durable packaging: removable plastic jacket, hardback, page-marking ribbons
  • Suitable as a booklist student reference or as a stand alone textbook

Here are four easy ways to order The Food Book:

  1. Visit or contact your local education bookstore and purchase a copy
  2. Contact your nearest Oxford representative by phone or email
  3. Print this form and fax it back to us with your order details: 1800 813 602
  4. Email or phone Oxford University Press Customer Service with your order details: / 1300 650 616

The Food Book App is a comprehensive recipe and food skills app with uniquely Australian content.

The Food Book App contains over 400 tried and tested recipes, stunning photos, easy-to-follow recipe videos and numerous recipe variations – it is an app that is suitable for all ages and skill levels.

To purchase The Food Book App, please visit the iTunes store.