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Mother’s Day is celebrated on every second Sunday in May in Australia. It is a special day for families to get together to show their love and appreciation for their mums. There are many ways to show this, a crowd pleaser is the luxurious breakfast in bed option — a treat we all know is a sure-fire winner.

The Food Book has lots of ideas for breakfast, from the Simple Fruit Salad (p. 126)  — using fruits that are  in season — to hearty and nutritious Baked Beans (p.141) and scrumptious, No-fail Pancakes (p. 130 with ideas for variations on p.131).

Eggs are a healthy and savoury option, boil them, fry them, scramble them and poach them (p. 134 -136). Or for those with plenty of time, OR (hint) helpers, try The Big Breakfast (p. 142-143) which includes Poached Eggs plus the following recipes: Hash Browns, Grilled Sausages, Grilled Bacon, Garlic Mushrooms, Grilled Tomatoes and Wilted Spinach that will keep your Mum going until well into the afternoon!

The Big Breakfast

The Food Book app has step-by-step photos for these breakfast recipes – download a copy on your iPad for a sure-fire way to your mum’s heart on Mother’s Day – through her stomach! 🙂 What ways are you going to show your love and appreciation for mum this Mother’s Day? Do you have a special treat you are going to make?

You cannot beat beetroot in winter – it is in season now so it means it great a buy, as it is not only nutritious and but also economical. Beetroot is very versatile as you eat it raw, hot or cold.  Try beetroot in a dip (check out the recipe Roasted beetroot and garlic dip on p. 176 of The Food Book), grated in, or cooked as, a salad, or served up as roasted wedges.

Try making beetroot chips for a great snack using two peeled and thinly sliced beetroots, some olive oil and salt to taste.  Place baking paper on a baking tray and spray or brush with olive oil. Place the beetroot slices on the baking paper and spray, or drizzle with, some more oil. Bake at 100oC for 35 minutes and then turn chips over and bake for a further 40 minutes. Remove the crispy chips from oven and sprinkle with some salt and cool slightly.

Yum – a delicious, nutritious snack!

In the last twelve months, many of you have become aware of inspiring home economics educator Sandra Fordyce-Voorham through her role as co-author of The Food Book and her contributions online here at The Food Book blog. Now you can also follow Sandra at her new food skills blog:  which includes lesson ideas, recipes and many other resources.

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Sandra is an exceptional home economics educator. She completed a Masters of Educational Administration at Melbourne University and is now working on a PhD in health sciences at the University of Wollongong to augment the work she is currently undertaking in schools and communities. Here Sandra talks to us about food education, her thesis, co-authoring The Food Book and her personal food philosophies. 

Sandra is a contributing author of The Food Book

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Anne is passionate about cookery—in fact, it is not only her profession but her hobby as well. Anne began teaching in the Foods area in 1984 and has taught in secondary schools and community health settings ever since. She has a special interest in access issues in food and health education.

Anne is The Food Book's baking expert

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In Leanne’s second post on The Food Book Blog, she discusses her interest in food and nutrition, and explains why The Food Book is the future of Australian food education.

The Food Book author Leanne Compton with a student in a Home Ec classroom

Leanne in the classroom

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In Leanne’s first post on The Food Book Blog, she answers questions about her food philosophy, recounts memories from her high school Home Economics classroom, and discusses the relevance of food education for Gen Ys. She also gives us a unique insight into her role as The Food Book author.

Author Leanne Compton

Leanne Compton

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