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This year National Healthy Bones Week Imagewill run from 4-8 August. This event, run by Dairy Australia, aims to raise awareness of the importance of dairy and other calcium-rich foods in maintaining healthy bones and preventing osteoporosis later in life. A diet rich in calcium, along with weight-bearing activity such as walking, is essential for developing and maintaining strong bones.

Stuck for ideas about ways to consume calcium-rich foods? There are plenty of great recipes in The Food Book that include a variety of dairy products, such as milk and cheese.

For a quick meal, try making a rich, creamy alfredo sauce (The Food Book p. 243) to serve with wide fettuccini or the store cupboard classic, tuna mornay (The Food Book p. 265) – both recipes contain parmesan, which has an intense and sharp flavour.

For those with a bit more time on your hands, try making some hearty and comforting fish pies with milk (pp. 272-273). Or you could make a deliciously smooth cheese sauce (p. 429) to serve over cauliflower or broccoli.

If you are feeling like something sweet, custard sauce made from custard powder and milk (p. 449) makes for a simple yet sumptuous addition to many desserts. You could add it to old-fashioned winter favourites such as stewed apples (p. 324), baked apples (p. 329) or the steamed jam pudding (p. 347). What ideas do you have for ‘saying cheese’ and consuming foods high in calcium during National Healthy Bones Week?

World Home Economics Day (WHED) is celebrated annually around the world on March 21. It is a day to celebrate the home economics profession and its contribution to individuals, families and communities around the world. This year the theme for WHED was Home economics empowerment: Education for a sustainable lifestyle. The aim of sustainable development “… is to help people to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge to make informed decisions for the benefit of themselves and others, now and in the future, and to act upon these decisions” (UNESCO – Education for Sustainable Development).

In Ghana last year, WHED was commemorated by a cooking competition among selected senior high schools as well as a four kilometre health walk followed by a health talk on HIV/AIDS.

In Australia, many WHED celebrations were held in conjunction with King and Amy O’Malley Trust presentations to recognise leadership abilities in  undergraduate and postgraduate home economics students. At a school level, many teachers had displays acknowledging WHED and promoting home economics education.

How did you and your students celebrate WHED this year? What activities did you organise to mark this special day?

Home Economics Victoria is a partner in the new government initiative involving Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food Victoria. Have a look at the announcement from Carol Warren today. Here’s to looking forward to new and exciting initiatives for Home Economics teachers around Victoria!

We are very pleased to tell you about our new project announced yesterday by the Minister for Health, David Davis as part of the Victorian Healthy Eating Enterprise. As you no doubt would have seen in the media yesterday, this new initiative includes Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food Victoria.

We are thrilled to be announced as a partner in this exciting new enterprise. Our project is the Healthy eating and food literacy in secondary schools initiative to increase knowledge and skills of young people in the production, growing, buying and preparation of fresh, nutritious and affordable healthy food

Home Economics Victoria will be able to have a number of staff devoted to this project over the next few years to work directly with you in secondary schools.

We know that you are doing a great job in schools and this project acknowledges your commitment to healthy eating and practical cooking skills. Stay tuned for more news over the coming months.

Best wishes.

CEO of Home Economics Victoria

Celebrate Victoria’s rich food heritage with 20 days of food and wine at the Melbourne food and wine festival. The program has only recently been released and there are 82 days to go! As most of you would know, it’s well worth booking tickets in advance, as event spots fill up very quickly. This year’s festival sees the launch of ‘Put Victoria On Your Table’—a showcase of the vast variety of Victorian produce available all year round— and an effort to get us eating local , seasonal produce. What goes around, comes around! View the program and further details on the MFW website:

 With hundreds of books from around Australia entered into the 2011 Book Design Awards (organised by the Australian Publishers Association), it is an incredible achievement to be nominated, let alone win a category award. The highly contested award for Best Designed Secondary Education Book went to The Food Book.

These awards consider the book as a package, not just the aesthetic engagement of the cover and internal design, but also the imagery and typography, paper stock, weight, size and overall execution. All these factors determine the experience of the book in the hands of the reader and define exemplary book design. The level of detail that was entered into, from the photography through to the radish on the cover, paid off.

Congratulations to all the people on the dedicated project team behind the creation of this wonderful book, including our publishing, editorial, permissions and production team and of course the OUP design team. Special thanks go to Regine Abos for her amazing design, Catherine Charles-Brown for her unwavering vision, Brent-Parker Jones for his outstanding food photography,  author Leanne Compton  and co-authors  Sandra Fordyce-Voorham and Anne Prescott for developing such great content.  Well done everyone!

The Home Economics Victoria conference is being held on Monday 29th November at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Read on to discover 5 reasons why you must visit us at the Oxford stand:   

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If yes, you need to know about the Home Economics Teachers’ Big Day Out! The conference is being held on Friday 17th September in Watervale (15km south of Clare, 9km north of Auburn) and has an impressive list of speakers and presenters.

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  • Are you a  Home Economics, Food Technology or Hospitality educator?
  • Are you looking for something to fill the MasterChef void?
  • And do you live in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane?

Leanne Compton and Sandra Fordyce-Voorham at the Mentone professional support workshop

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