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Rose Kastl, a retired home economics teacher from Nebraska in the United States, loves her copy of The Food Book! She was also kind enough to share some of her thoughts with us.


Rose with her copy of The Food Book

 I have been reading and trying some of the recipes from The Food Book and found it very informative and interesting to read. I have learnt so much about the intricate little differences in our language when it comes to food. For example, I had to look up caster sugar because I had never heard of that term before – and was surprised to find that it is just very fine granulated sugar! Also, desiccated coconut is just dried coconut without the sugar and oil added, which is commonly in use here in the US.

The pictures of the different fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. are also very helpful. The book is a great encyclopaedia as well as a cook book. It has been so much fun reading and using it this year. My sister, who has Alzheimer’s, sat down and looked at it at length – then almost took it home with her! She can’t use it because she isn’t able to cook anymore, but she really enjoys looking at it when she is here with us.

In the last twelve months, many of you have become aware of inspiring home economics educator Sandra Fordyce-Voorham through her role as co-author of The Food Book and her contributions online here at The Food Book blog. Now you can also follow Sandra at her new food skills blog:  which includes lesson ideas, recipes and many other resources.

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A big thank you to all of our educational booksellers who cooked up some great in-store displays of The Food Book this year. Here are some of the top entries submitted so far. Special thanks to Karen at Landmark in Essendon Victoria, Katrina at Jacaranda Educational Supplies in Macquarie ACT, Emily at Wooldridges in Geraldton WA, and all of our other booksellers for setting up these fabulous displays.

We wish all of our education partners a Merry Christmas and thank them for their extraordinary support of The Food Book in 2010 and we look forward to continuing this relationship in 2011 and beyond.

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 …Well, we like to think so!

Glenn on The Food Book video set

One of our favourite friends is Glenn Flood – Australian chef extraordinaire and The Food Book’s recipe consultant and video host. Glenn’s bio is much too long to list in its entirety here, but we can give you the inside scoop that fresh from his stint on Junior MasterChef Australia (which is airing at the moment), Glenn is now travelling around Australia coordinating the auditions for the next series of MasterChef Australia (the grown-up series!). Glenn’s role as Food Producer of MasterChef Australia keeps him extremely busy but we were thrilled that he had the time to work on The Food Book as recipe consultant and video host as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Prue Shaw, Food Technology teacher at Loreto Kirribilli in NSW has just completed a Master of Education Leadership at the UNSW. Here in our first teacher profile post, Prue talks to us about her teaching career, her post graduate studies and her personal food philosophies. Prue also discusses her passion for introducing “big issues” into the food classroom and encouraging students to work collaboratively in the classroom to come up with realistic solutions for global food issues.


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Did you know that this week is National Nutrition Week? To celebrate this occassion, The Food Book blog is pleased to promote the fantastic Healthy Food Healthy Planet initiative by Nutrition Australia. Read this excerpt from their website to find out more, or visit:

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The Food Book blog was a space created to educate, entertain and inspire members of the Australian food education community. This week we are pleased to bring you an interview with Healthy Kids Association, a group who work with schools, families, health professionals and food companies to improve the nutritional quality of foods consumed by children and young adults. 

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Chef Mark Jensen from Sydney’s renowned Vietnamese restaurant, Red Lantern, discusses the importance of sustainability in the food industry. Mark is passionate about bringing sustainability to the food classroom too. Here’s what he has to say…

Mark, Luke and Pauline at Red Lantern

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The scrumptious and cohesive look and feel of The Food Book is the work of Regine Abos, Senior Concept Designer at Oxford University Press. In this post on The Food Book blog, Reg discusses her role in the making of The Food Book.

Regine Abos on a radish hunt

Regine Abos on a radish hunt

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