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With its longer and sunnier days, spring is the perfect time to grow warm-weather loving plants such as tomatoes in your garden.

To get the best crop, plant the seedlings in an area where they will get full sun but be protected from strong winds, it is recommended you fertilise the soil and do not to plant the tomatoes in the same spot two years in a row, in order to prevent the accumulation of disease in the soil. The plants will also benefit from mulching. Tomatoes will also grow well in pots if you use a top-quality potting mix. Water the plants regularly and fertilise only when the plants begin to flower. Tomatoes turn red when they are ripe and ready to be picked.

We think nothing beats the taste of a freshly picked vine-ripened tomato. Simply slice and add to a salad or place on top of a dry biscuit to create a juicy and tasty treat.

What tips do you have for growing tomatoes? What are your favourite recipes for tomatoes?


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