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If yes, you need to know about the Home Economics Teachers’ Big Day Out! The conference is being held on Friday 17th September in Watervale (15km south of Clare, 9km north of Auburn) and has an impressive list of speakers and presenters.

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Memories are no doubt powerful in their ability to evoke a sensory response from us – but food memories? Food memories are singular in their ability to take us back to a particular time and place – to transcend the present, and take us back to a particular smell and taste.

Beef Stroganoff

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Sandra is an exceptional home economics educator. She completed a Masters of Educational Administration at Melbourne University and is now working on a PhD in health sciences at the University of Wollongong to augment the work she is currently undertaking in schools and communities. Here Sandra talks to us about food education, her thesis, co-authoring The Food Book and her personal food philosophies. 

Sandra is a contributing author of The Food Book

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The Food Book blog is a gift from Oxford University Press to the Australian food education community. With free recipes, videos, interviews and articles, the blog is a thriving community for food teachers and students. Use the free resources on this blog with your students, make connections with other food teachers and participate in the future of food education.

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In Leanne’s second post on The Food Book Blog, she discusses her interest in food and nutrition, and explains why The Food Book is the future of Australian food education.

The Food Book author Leanne Compton with a student in a Home Ec classroom

Leanne in the classroom

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In Leanne’s first post on The Food Book Blog, she answers questions about her food philosophy, recounts memories from her high school Home Economics classroom, and discusses the relevance of food education for Gen Ys. She also gives us a unique insight into her role as The Food Book author.

Author Leanne Compton

Leanne Compton

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