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Glenn on The Food Book video set

One of our favourite friends is Glenn Flood – Australian chef extraordinaire and The Food Book’s recipe consultant and video host. Glenn’s bio is much too long to list in its entirety here, but we can give you the inside scoop that fresh from his stint on Junior MasterChef Australia (which is airing at the moment), Glenn is now travelling around Australia coordinating the auditions for the next series of MasterChef Australia (the grown-up series!). Glenn’s role as Food Producer of MasterChef Australia keeps him extremely busy but we were thrilled that he had the time to work on The Food Book as recipe consultant and video host as well. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s been nearly two months since the finale of MasterChef Australia Season 2 aired seeing Adam Liaw crowned Australia’s next MasterChef – and what a long few months it has been. But just when we are learning how to fill our evenings again, Junior MasterChef has landed on our doorsteps beginning Sunday 12th September. And not a moment too soon.

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Memories are no doubt powerful in their ability to evoke a sensory response from us – but food memories? Food memories are singular in their ability to take us back to a particular time and place – to transcend the present, and take us back to a particular smell and taste.

Beef Stroganoff

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The Food Book video presenter Glenn Flood is a professional chef. He’s known for his work at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Foundation, where he taught professional cooking skills to disadvantaged young people. This year Glenn is overseeing the national recruitment for Junior Masterchef Australia on Channel Ten. And as though he’s not busy enough, he’s also manager of Raw Materials culinary studio and workshop in Melbourne.

Image of chef Glenn Flood in chef's apron

Glenn Flood

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