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The Food Book is more than just a book! It is a complete food and cookery package for Australian secondary school students and includes a website and video gallery. Here is an exclusive sneak peek of the first few minutes of the vegetable stir-fry video. Chef Glenn Flood demonstrates not only the recipe, but stops along the way to highlight key skills.

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In celebration of the first week of winter we hope you enjoy this free excerpt from the soups section of The Food Book. Literally meaning ‘the big soup’ in Italian, minestrone is a hearty stew-like soup made from vegetables, dried beans and pasta. A range of beans can be substituted for kidney beans, including cannellini, lima and borlotti.

Minestrone soup

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If you teach a student how to cook pumpkin soup, spaghetti Bolognese, and chocolate cake … they will learn three recipes.
But if you teach a student how to dice, saute, puree, boil, sift and beat … they will learn a lifetime of skills.

Here, Glenn Flood demonstrates the fundamental skill of julienning carrot.

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The Food Book video presenter Glenn Flood is a professional chef. He’s probably best known from Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Foundation in Melbourne, where he taught professional cooking skills to disadvantaged young people. This year Glenn is overseeing the national recruitment for Junior Masterchef Australia on Channel Ten. And as though he’s not busy enough, he also runs Raw Materials – The Studio a culinary studio and workshop in Melbourne.

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